UMR 5182

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Safety rules:


NMR spectrometer magnets generate magnetic fields. People who have a pacemaker or certain types of medical implants must not approach the spectrometers before consulting their doctor.

On the other hand metal objects such as tools, mobile phones, credit cards, magnetic cards, watches ... should not be kept close to spectrometers. A line not to cross with such objects is materialized on the ground around each magnet.


Users Training:


Each user must be trained for the use of NMR spectrometers by the NMR manager or by a qualified member of his team.


Deuterated solvents:


The deuterated solvents are stored in a fridge in central lab.

Any special request must be transmitted to the NMR manager.


NMR tubes:


Different tubes are available depending on whether you use the 300MHz or the 400MHz. They are suitable for experiments at room temperature. Ask the NMR manager.

Pyrex tubes are available for experiments at low or high temperature.

Other special tubes are available (quartz, with coaxial insert ...), just ask the NMR manager as well..