Numerical Computing and Rigorous Numerical Computing

Profs. Nick Trefethen and Warwick Tucker,

15-19 January 2018

This year, ENS-Lyon is hosting visiting professors who are leading experts in two aspects of numerical computing.
Nick Trefethen (University of Oxford) is a well-known numerical analyst and the inventor of Chebfun, a MATLAB-based tool that solves all kinds of problems of rootfinding, integration, and differential equations fast and typically to 15 digits of accuracy.
Warwick Tucker (Uppsala University) is a leader in the area of rigorous numerical computing, where instead of computing numbers with no guarantees, one applies interval analysis and other methods to obtain guaranteed results — and even to rigorously prove mathematical theorems with the aid of the computer.
In this week, using a mixture of lectures and hand-on computer laboratories, the two professors will showcase some of the highlights of these two sides of
numerical computing.