Sémantique et Vérification

The goal of formal verification is to check automatically that some programs or systems
are correct with respect to their requirements.

In this course we present mathematical models of programs and systemsand we
describe classes of properties which can be automatically checked on these models.

Content of the course:

  • Modelling with Labelled Transition Systems
  • Linear-Time Properties
    • Definition and Examples
    • Characterizations via Order Theory and Topology
    • ω-Regular Properties and Büchi Automata
    • Linear Temporal Logic
  • Bisimulation and Modal Logic
    • Bisimulation and Trace Equivalence
    • Hennessy-Milner Logic
    • Bisimulation and Logical Equivalence

The course follows parts of the book: Baier, C. and Katoen, J.-P., Principles of Model Checking, MIT Press, 2008.