Marie DELATTRE, Principal Investigator, Research Director CNRS DR2

Marie DelattreI would like to understand the evolutionary dynamics of cellular processes. I established my lab in 2009. Currently, I would like to understand to what extent cellular mechanisms evolve without altering the basic function they sustain. I am also very impressed by the fact the small cellular changes can precondition the emergence of new  reproductive modes.  I have always been using nematodes as model system. I believe these worms are ideal to address cell biological, developmental and evolutionary questions. Bronze medal CNRS 2009

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Caroline LAUNAY, Research assistant, Engineer CNRS IE1

Caroline Launay

I joined the lab in 2012. Currently, I am working on several aspects of early development in Mesorhabditis nematodes

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Caroline BLANC-BILLARD, graduate student

I joind the lab in 2019. I am developing tools to explore meiosis and mitosis in Mesorhabditis and other nematode species.

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Carine REY, postdoctoral fellow

I joined the lab in 2020. I am a bioinformatician. I work on the genome of Mesorhabditis nematodes

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Eva WENGER, lab technician

I joined the lab in 2020.