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There are 46 references in this bibliography folder.

Chen, W, Wei, X, Rety, S, Huang, L, Liu, N, Dou, S, and Xi, X (2019).
Structural analysis reveals a "molecular calipers" mechanism for a LATERAL ORGAN BOUNDARIES DOMAIN transcription factor protein from wheat.
J Biol Chem, 294(1):142-156.

Fiorini, F, Robin, J, Kanaan, J, Borowiak, M, Croquette, V, Le Hir, H, Jalinot, P, and Mocquet, V (2018).
HTLV-1 Tax plugs and freezes UPF1 helicase leading to nonsense-mediated mRNA decay inhibition.
Nat Commun, 9(1):431.

Lu, K, Chen, W, Rety, S, Liu, N, Wu, W, Dai, Y, Li, D, Ma, H, Dou, S, and Xi, X (2018).
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PDZ domain-binding motif of Tax sustains T-cell proliferation in HTLV-1-infected humanized mice.
PLoS Pathog, 14(3):e1006933.

Righino, B, Galisson, F, Pirolli, D, Vitale, S, Rety, S, Gouet, P, and De Rosa, MC (2018).
Structural model of the full-length Ser/Thr protein kinase StkP from S. pneumoniae and its recognition of peptidoglycan fragments.
J Biomol Struct Dyn, 36(14):3666-3679.

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Crystal structure of Escherichia coli DEAH/RHA helicase HrpB.
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HTLV-1-induced leukotriene B4 secretion by T cells promotes T cell recruitment and virus propagation.
Nat Commun, 8:15890.

Robert-Paganin, J, Halladjian, M, Blaud, M, Lebaron, S, Delbos, L, Chardon, F, Capeyrou, R, Humbert, O, Henry, Y, Henras, AK, Rety, S, and Leulliot, N (2017).
Functional link between DEAH/RHA helicase Prp43 activation and ATP base binding.
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A helical bundle in the N-terminal domain of the BLM helicase mediates dimer and potentially hexamer formation.
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Escherichia coli DNA polymerase I can disrupt G-quadruplex structures during DNA replication.
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HBZ-mediated shift of JunD from growth suppressor to tumor promoter in leukemic cells by inhibition of ribosomal protein S25 expression.

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INT6/EIF3E Controls the RNF8-Dependent Ubiquitylation Pathway and Facilitates DNA Double-Strand Break Repair in Human Cells.
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Photoswitchable Inhibitors of Microtubule Dynamics Optically Control Mitosis and Cell Death.
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Chromatin redistribution of the DEK oncoprotein represses hTERT transcription in leukemias.
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Human T-cell leukemia virus type 3 (HTLV-3) and HTLV-4 antisense-transcript-encoded proteins interact and transactivate Jun family-dependent transcription via their atypical bZIP motif.
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Borowiak, M, Kuhlmann, A, Girard, S, Gazzolo, L, Mesnard, J, Jalinot, P, and Dodon, MD (2013).
HTLV-1 bZIP factor impedes the menin tumor suppressor and upregulates JunD-mediated transcription of the hTERT gene.
Carcinogenesis, 34(11):2664-72.

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