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Lab news

  • April 2022: What's up Doc? Turns out Aurèle is going to be awarded the CNRS Bronze Medal, which will be a motive of multiple celebrations in, out, and far beyond the lab :)

  • November 2021: Alleluia, the first primary research paper from the lab about chromatin folding and DNA break repair by homologous recombination is out in Nature Cell Biology! A great collab with our partner in science, the Koszul lab, where I started this project. Thanks to all authors, and especially Helene Bordelet for the outstanding work! Read for free here. News and Views in the same issue here. The INSB highlight here. And Twitter thread here. Illustration courtesy of Noemie Guitter.


  • October 2021: Welcome to Yasmina Djeghmoum, the first, one, and only PhD student of the lab! She will work on D-loop metabolism and recombination-mediated genomic instability in S. cerevisiae using the "magnificent" D-loop capture assay!

  • July 2021: Our first paper is out! Jerome and I discuss sources of recombination-mediated genome rearrangements and the various fidelity-enforcing mechanisms suppressing them in a short Current Opinions in Genetics and Development review [PDF here].

  • July 2021: Congrats to Jerome who just received a Wallonie-Bruxelles International postdoc fellowship! 

  • June 2021: Second lab hike! This time on the heights of the North part of Vercors: awesome views, cold caves, BBQ and Molkky!

  • May 2021: We are thrilled to welcome Schayma Ben Marzougi (M2 student - ENSTA Paris) for her final internship, trying to kick off some polymer modelling in the lab!

  • April 2021: Welcome to Nicolas Mendiboure (M1 student - INSA Lyon) for his internship in bioinformatics, and let's hope he will be able to come in person a little more in a few weeks.

  • March 2021: Check out how we use the amazing technology of glass to reduce our plastic footprint here!

  • January 2021: We are delighted to welcome Vinciane Piveteau (M2 student - ENS Lyon) as the first student of the lab!
  • December 2020: Our latest study I initiated in the lab of Romain Koszul and further developed by Hélène on the role of Cohesin in regulating homology search during homologous recombination is available as a preprint on BioRxiv. First co-last author paper of the lab!
  • October 2020: Publication of our homemade protocols for physical DNA joint molecules detection in S. cerevisiae and the genetic study of multi-invasion-induced rearrangements in Methods in Molecular Biology. Check it out here.
  • September 2020: First lab hike ever! Check out the pictures here.

  • September 2020: Welcome to Agnès, our research engineer !! She joined from far far away, somewhere in the 1st floor of the LBMC.

  • April 2020: Welcome to Jérôme, a new postdoc in the lab (although in a virtual form at first). As of now he still did not give me a proper picture of himself!

  • January 2020: BREAKING: Hélène is the first person to dare join the lab! Warmest welcome and looking forward to the great science ahead!