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Publications du pôle Bioinformatique

Grosmaire M, Launay C, Siegwald M, Brugiere T, Estrada-Virrueta L, Berger D, Burny C, Modolo L, Blaxter M, Meister P, Felix M, Gouyon P, Delattre M
Males as somatic investment in a parthenogenetic nematode.
Science, 30872523

Beurton F, Stempor P, Caron M, Appert A, Dong Y, Chen R, Cluet D, Coute Y, Herbette M, Huang N, Polveche H, Spichty M, Bedet C, Ahringer J, Palladino F
Physical and functional interaction between SET1/COMPASS complex component CFP-1 and a Sin3S HDAC complex in C. elegans.
Nucleic Acids Res, 31602465

Fontrodona N, Aub? F, Claude J, Polv?che H, Lemaire S, Tranchevent L, Modolo L, Mortreux F, Bourgeois C, Auboeuf D

Genome Res,

Lemaire S, Fontrodona N, Aub? F, Claude J, Polv?che H, Modolo L, Bourgeois C, Mortreux F, Auboeuf D

Genome Biol,