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Job offer Quantitative Regulatory Genomics Team

Lab manager / technician (18 Months, renewable)

Job title : Lab manager / Technician

Centre : LBMC, ENS-Lyon

Team: Quantitative Regulatory Genomics

Team leader: Mirko Francesconi

Grade: AI

Period: 18 Months (renewable)

Starting date:  September 2020



The newly established Quantitative Regulatory Genomics team lead by Mirko Francesconi at LBMC Lyon is looking for a lab manager / technician.

The broad interest of the team is understanding how genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors and their interplay impact on gene regulation in space and time, to generate phenotypic variation. To this end we use both computational and experimental approaches in metazoans.

We have found that environmental perturbation in parental generation impacts the next generation of non-exposed individuals in the nematode C. elegans. We have recently received funding from ANR to understand which molecular and phenotypic differences are induced by parental environment and what is the mechanism of signal transmission and interpretation across generations.

Main duties and responsibilities

The appointee will provide support in setting up and running the lab and carry out experimental work to dissect molecular requirements of signal transmission and interpretation by:

Creating and managing lab databases, ordering reagents and preparing solutions
Ensure maintenance of current stock requirements of equipment and consumables
C. elegans microscope phenotyping
Test, calibrate, and employ a newly developed optogenetic tool in C. elegans (in collaboration with Gael Yvert team) that will allow functional assays on the hits from the screens

Essential knowledge

Good level of spoken and written English
Experience of working in a biology research laboratory
Experience of lab housekeeping (ordering, health and safety, etc)
Knowledge of laboratory procedures, materials, equipment
Good team-working and cooperative spirit
Ability to organise and prioritise own workload

Desirable experience

Experience with C. elegans (basic maintenance and handling, RNAi by feeding)
Experience with microscope-based phenotyping and screening

How to apply

Send your CV and a motivation letter to