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PhD fellowship opportunity in Yvert lab

3 year fellowship (Lyon based, frequent Paris stays) - part of the 80 prime interdisciplinary program. Start October 2020. A research masters degree from a University or Grande Ecole is required to apply - in a field relevant to the project. Biology / Engineering. Salary approx 2,130 euros (gross)

A collaborative project is supported by CNRS through its "80 Prime" interdisciplinary program and includes a 3 year salary for a Ph.D. student. You will work under the supervision of Dr. Gaël Yvert at Laboratory of Biology and Modeling of the Cell located at ENS de Lyon, France. You will be affiliated to the BMIC graduate school of University of Lyon. Your employer will be CNRS. The project involves the Laboratory Colloids and Divided Matter located at ESPCI in downtown Paris. You will need to have frequent stays in Paris, where you will be supervised by Dr. Jean Baudry.

The project is based on technological developments from two laboratories which, when combined, have the potential to address fundamental questions in evolutionary genetics. We have developed an optogenetic switch that can induce targeted mutations with blue light. This tool offers the possibility to trigger specific genetic changes at a precise time. Our collaborators have a long-time expertise in digital microfluidics, where live cells are encapsulated in microdroplets and can then be monitored for growth and physiology over time. Your project will combine these two technologies to quantify the effect of genetic changes in hundreds of thousands of individual yeast cells.


Genetics and evolutionary biology; Optogenetics; Yeast biology.


Experimental setup for digital microfluidics and optogenetics;                          

Molecular Biology and Microbiology; Data analysis (image analysis, statistics, programming in R)


Motivation, perseverance, rigor, creativity and curiosity.

Respectful and professional interaction with colleagues.

Knowledge in (evolutionary) genetics, interest in chemistry and physics.                    

Expertise in molecular genetics, experimental biology and programming is a plus.

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How to apply

Please send an email containing "[ PhD 80 Prime ]" in its subject, with your motivation letter, CV and reference names (contacts such as previous supervisors who can tell us about you) to