Lyon Quantum Information

This working group bring together mathematicians and computer scientists from the Lyon area to discuss and collaborate on topics related to quantum information theory and its applications.


Faculty members:

  • Guillaume Aubrun (Lyon 1)
  • Omar Fawzi (ENS Lyon)

Postdocs and PhD students:

  • Peter Brown (Postdoc, ENS Lyon)
  • Paul Fermé (PhD student, ENS Lyon)
  • Alexander Muller-Hermes (Postdoc, Lyon 1)
  • Aadil Oufkir (PhD student, ENS Lyon)
  • Ala Shayeghi (Postdoc, ENS Lyon)
  • Hoang Ta (PhD student, ENS Lyon)


Quantum Seminar

December 2019 quantum information meeting


We gratefully acknowledge funding from ANR JCJC ACOM and Labex MILYON.