1997 research reports

Recoders for partial compression and rounding.

Self-applicable partial evaluation for pi-calculus.

Building and scheduling coarse grain task graphs.

Finite Automata Theory in Coq A constructive proof of Kleene's theorem.

Etude des cercles discrets via les automates cellulaires.

Genetic detumbling a satellite.

An extended comparison of slotted and unslotted deflection routing.

Some bounds on the computational power of Piecewise Constant Derivative systems.

ML type inference for Dead Code Analysis.

Detecting and Removing Dead Code using Rank 2 Intersection.

PPCM : une mise à jour.

Asynchronous Sub-Logarithmic Adders.

Concurrent rebalancing of AVL trees: a fine-grained approach.

Achilles and the Tortoise climbing up the hyper-arithmetical hierarchy.

Tiling with limited resources.

A logical framework to prove properties of Alpha programs (revised version).

Loop parallelization algorithms : from parallelism extraction to code generation.

An Algorithm that Computes a Lower Bound on the Distance Between a Segment and $Z^2$.

Deriving Proof Rules Form Continuations Semantics.

On the compilation of data-parallel languages on a distributed memory multithreaded environment with thread migration.

A shift-invariant metric on $S^Z$ inducing a non-trivial topology.

Protocol design for high performance networking: a Myrinet experience.

Automates à galets : un état de l'art.

Proof of Imperative Programs in Type Theory.

An adaptive strategy for deflection routing in meshes.

Mathematical tools for loop transformations: from systems of uniform recurrence equations to the polytope model.

Experiments with a Randomized Algorithm for a Frequency Assignment Problem.

Upper bounds for the span in triangular lattice graphs: application to frequency planning for cellular network.

Kolmogorov complexity and cellular automata classification.

Structure des Ensembles de Pavages.

Optimal Deadlock-free Path-based Multicast Algorithms in Meshes.

Computing on Sequences of Embedded Intervals.

Inducing an order on cellular automata by a grouping operation.

Undecidability of the global fixed point attractor problem on circular cellular automata.

Determining the Idle Time of a Tiling: New Results.

The Real Dimension Problem is NPR-complete.

Elimination of parameters in the polynomial hierarchy.

Are lower bounds easier over the reals ?.

Exploiting data structures in a High Performance Video Server for TV Archives.

Reducing the complexity of ILP formulations for synthesis.

Synthesis for mixed arithmetic.

Scheduling using mixed arithmetic: an ILP formulation.

Mixed Arithmetics: Introduction and Design Structure.

A Model for Using Redundant Number Systems in Special-Purpose Architectures.

A polynomial time algorithm for diophantine equations in one variable.

Fast Evaluation of the Same Function at Many Regularly-Spaced Points.

Reciprocation, Square root, Inverse Square Root, and some Elementary Functions using Small Multipliers.

Verification of Arithmetic Circuits using a Functional Language and PVS.