1999 research reports

Leader Election by d Dimensional Cellular Automata.

SOPHIE: a Tool for Collecting PHiPAC Metrics Of C Code.

Division of Floating Point Expansions.

The Complexity of local dimensions for constructible sets.

Deciding stability and mortality of piecewise affine dynamical systems.

Multiplication by an Integer Constant.

A formalization of Static Analyses in System F.

An efficient and transparent thread migration scheme in the PM2 runtime system.

A Prefetching Strategy for Multimedia On-Demand Servers.

Efficient Communications in Multithreaded Runtime Systems.

Customizable thread scheduling directed by prioritiess.

The Price of Routing in FPGAs.

Choix d'un service de communication pour un serveur vidéo tolérant aux pannes : étude du service GM.

Orthogonal Polyhedra: Representation and Computation.

A constructive solution to the juggling problem in systolic array synthesis.

Bounded Polymorphism for Extensible Objects.

A Proposal for a Heterogeneous Cluster ScaLAPACK (Dense Linear Solvers).

A Construction of Distributed Reference Counting.

Algorithmic Issues for (Distributed) Heterogeneous Computing Platforms. Extended Abstract.

On the mortality problem for matrices of low dimensions.

Lower bounds are not easier over the reals: inside PH.

Parallel Evaluation of Relational Queries on a Network of Workstations.

Multi-protocol communications and high speed networks.

An algebraic method to compute a shortest path of local flips between two tilings.

The lattice structure of the set of domino tilings of a polygon.

Loop Alignment for Memory Accesses Optimization.

Using VIA to build distributed, multithreaded runtime systems: a case study.

Efficient Load-balancing and Communication Overlap in Parallel Shear-Warp Algorithm on a Cluster of PCs.

Loop shifting for loop compaction.

Addressed Term Rewriting Systems.

Data Allocation Strategies for Dense Linear Algebra Kernels on Heterogeneous Two-dimensional Grids.

Pebble Automata. Figures families recognition and universality.

On the sensitivity of additive cellular automata in Besicovitch topologies.

A group interpretation of particles generated by one dimensional cellular automaton, 54 Wolfram's rule.

A Geometrical Hierarchy on Graphs via Cellular Automata.

Algorithms and Tools for (Distributed) Heterogeneous Computing: A Prospective Report.

On strong normalisation of explicit substitution calculi.

Tiling with bars under tomographic constraints.

Treewidth and minimum fill-in: grouping the minimal separators.

Listing all potential maximal cliques of a graph.

Improving Goldschmidt Division, Square Root and Square Root Reciprocal.

Vers des primitives propres en arithmétique des ordinateurs.

Radix-10 BKM Algorithm for Computing Transcendentals on Pocket Computers.

Graph Automata Recognition.

Using preemptive thread migration to load-balance data-parallel applications.

Using Simulation to Evaluate Scheduling Heuristics for a Class of Applications in Grid Environments.

The presence of a zero in an integer linear recurrent sequence is NP-hard to decide.

La théorie des cofinalités possibles et ses applications.

The Data Broadcast Problem with Preemption.

Towards Portable Hierarchical Placement for FPGAs.

On functions which are limits of domino tilings.

Cache Web : un état de l'art des techniques et prototypes.

Workshop "Compilation et Parallélisation Automatique".

A generic object-calculus based on Addressed Term Rewriting Systems.

Madeleine: An Efficient and Portable Communication Interface for RPC-based Multithreaded Environments.

Serveurs vidéo: concepts de base et prototypes.