2000 research reports

Matrix-Matrix Multiplication on Heterogeneous Platforms.

Circuits versus trees in algebraic complexity.

Damage Spreading and $\mu$-sensitivity on CA.

Direct proofs of strong normalisation in calculi of explicit substitutions.

The Infinite Versions of LogSpace!=P Are Consistent with the Axioms of Set Theory.

Implementing Java consistency using a generic, multithreaded DSM runtime system.

Compiling multithreaded Java bytecode for distributed execution.

Further reducing the redundancy of a notation over a minimally redundant digit set.

Partitioning a Square into Rectangles: NP-Completeness and Approximation Algorithms.

Variable Reliability Protocol: A protocol with a tunable loss tolerance for high performance over a WAN.

Sparse NP-complete problems of the reals with addition.

Transfer theorems via sign conditions.

Linux Activations : un support système performant pour les applications de calcul multithreads.

On the structure of some spaces of tilings.

A distributed storage system for a video-on-demand server.

A Portable and Adaptive Multi-Protocol Communication Library for Multithreaded Runtime Systems.

Constant Multipliers for FPGAs.

Generic Distributed Shared Memory: the DSM-PM2 Approach.

Stochastic Localization of Instability and Deterministic Enhancement of Accuracy for Iterative Algorithms.

From Rounding Error Estimation to Automatic Correction with Automatic Differentiation.

Loop Shifting for Loop Parallelization.

Towards a Formalization of pi-calculus Processes in Higher Order Abstract Syntax.

Heterogeneity Considered Harmful to Algorithm Designers.

Open problems on cellular automata.

A Portable and Efficient Communication Library for High-Performance Cluster Computing.

Un algorithme de décision pour la limite des théories de courbes génériques.

Some Properties of Hyperbolic Networks.

Back-and-forth systems for generic curves and a decision algorithm for the limit theory.

MPICH/Madeleine: a True Multi-Protocol MPI for High Performance Network.

Reductions, intersection types, and explicit substitutions.

The Data Broadcast Problem with Non-Uniform Transmission Times.

Bound on Run of Zeros and Ones for Images of Floating-Point Numbers by Algebraic Functions.

On-the-fly Range Reduction.

Worst Cases for Correct Rounding of the Elementary Functions in Double Precision.

The topological entropy of iterated piecewise affine maps is uncomputable.

Stylesheet Validation.

Some Improvements on Multipartite Table Methods.

DSM-PM2: A portable implementation platform for multithreaded DSM consistency protocols.

Distribution de contenus multimédia par flot continu : un état de l'art.

Les nouveaux codecs : un état de l'art.

A revised presentation of the CENA method.

Parallel Computation on Interval Graphs: Algorithms and Experiments.

Static LU Decomposition on Heterogeneous Platforms.

Dense Linear Algebra Kernels on Heterogeneous Platforms: Redistribution Issue.

DAGSim: A Simulator for DAG Scheduling Algorithms.