2005 research reports

Simultaneous Scheduling of Replication and Computation for Data-Intensive Applications on the Grid.

A study of various load information exchange mechanisms for a distributed application using dynamic scheduling.

Computing the rank and a small nullspace basis of a polynomial matrix.

Fully asynchronous behavior of double-quiescent elementary cellular automata.

Multiplication Algorithms for Radix-$2$ RN-Codings and Two's Complement Numbers.

GoDIET: A tool for managing distributed hierarchies of DIET agents and servers.

Experiences with hierarchical request flow management for Network-Enabled Server Environments.

Small FPGA polynomial approximations with 3-bit coefficients and low-precision estimations of the powers of x.

On the definition of ulp(x).

Optimizing Network Resource Sharing in Grids.

The language X: circuits, computations and Classical Logic.

Perfect Sampling for Fork-Join networks.

A study of meta-scheduling architectures for high throughput computing.

Extremal throughputs in free-choice nets.

Hardware/Software Interface for Multi-Dimensional Processor Arrays..

Up-to Techniques for Weak Bisimulation.

The Quantum Query Complexity of the Abelian Hidden Subgroup Problem.

An Efficient Network API for in-Kernel Applications in Clusters.

Structure of spaces of rhombus tilings in the lexicograhic case.

Component-oriented programming with sharing: containment is not ownership.

Scheduling divisible loads with return messages on heterogeneous master-worker platforms.

A practical type system for generalized recursion.

DIET: A Scalable Toolbox to Build Network Enabled Servers on the Grid.

Markov chain analysis of an agent-based growth model.

Statistical study of the activity due to the selection function in the E-method algorithm.

Automatic Middleware Deployment Planning on Clusters.

Evaluation of Meta-scheduler Architectures and Task Assignment Policies for High Throughput Computing.

GDS: an Architecture Proposal for a Grid Data-Sharing Service.

Hiérarchies algébriques de classes d'automates cellulaires.

Use of A Network Enabled Server System for a Sparse Linear Algebra Grid Application.

Off-line and on-line scheduling on heterogeneous master-slave platforms.

Scheduling network requests with transmission window.

Register allocation and spill complexity under SSA.

Optimizing the translation out-of-SSA with renaming constraints.

Non Gaussian and Long Memory Statistical Characterisations for Internet Traffic with Anomalies.

Asymptotically Fast Polynomial Matrix Algorithms for Mutivariable Systems.

Fast and correctly rounded logarithms in double-precision.

Basic building blocks for a triple-double intermediate format.

High-Radix Floating-Point Division Algorithms for Embedded VLIW Integer Processors.

Scheduling with Resource Constraints using Dis-Equations.

An algorithmic toolbox for Network Calculus.

Service Discovery in a peer-to-peer environment for Computational Grids.

Assisted verification of elementary functions.

Characterizing Valiant's algebraic complexity classes.

Scheduling multiple bags of tasks on heterogeneous master-worker platforms: centralized versus distributed solutions.

Threshold effect in algorithmic complexity: NP-hard and linear variants of hypergraph partitioning.

Managing Data Persistence in Network Enabled Servers.

Minimizing the stretch when scheduling flows of biological requests.

Simple Seed Architectures for Reciprocal and Square Root Reciprocal.

Automatic Middleware Deployment Planning on Clusters.

The impact of heterogeneity on master-slave on-line scheduling.

FIFO scheduling of divisible loads with return messages under the one-port model.

Analysis and Synthesis of Cycle-Accurate On-Chip Traffic with Long-Range-Dependence.