TEMIC stands for TEleMaintenance Industrielle Cooperative which means Industrial Co-operative Remote Maintenance. TEMIC is a French national project with several academic (LIFC, INRIA, GRTC) and industrial (SWI) partners.

TEMIC is funded by the French ministry of industry, the French ministry of education and research and the French innovation agency (OSÉO anvar).

The context

TEMIC proposes a hardware and software platform of collaborative remote maintenance : maintenance staff may work remotely and in collaboration with other experts. The integration of innovative solutions in terms of networks and mobility leads to competitive maintenance solutions, based on the connection (nearby or remote) of multimedia computer data with adapted human skills.
The TEMIC platform integrates various technologies:

This heterogeneity needs adaptive solutions for an efficient streams transmission on the platform networks.

To respond to these various constraints, active services have to adapt and optimize the content of streams passing through the active network node. Multimedia data streams adaptation is performed dynamically in order to improve industrial maintenance solutions. The challenge is to provide an architecture running in a client/server environment, but involving no modification on the applications installed on the end-machines like web servers, video players,...

General Information

Source of funding: RNRT
Project Duration: 2003 - 2006
Official Project Home Page:

Temic homepage: http://temic.free.fr

Project Overview

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Inquiries may be directed to :
Laurent Lefèvre
INRIA, Lyon ,France
E-Mail: laurent.lefevre@inria.fr

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