VTHD++ project

Project goals

The VTHD project aims to deploy a broadband IP test platform to develop the technological bricks that will be required to deploy second generation Internet and Intranet networks. The solution retained closely links objectives for quality of service and bandwidth capacity by adopting an IP/WDM breakthrough architecture that makes use of wavelength division mutliplexing optical technologies but integrating quality of service models being developed on the Internet. The viability of the solution retained is assessed within the framework of real time interactive services and advanced data applications. The VTHD project aims to provide a significant contribution in federating efforts for a new generation Internet.

RESO's contribution

Our team holds the responsibility for VTHD++ sub-project 4 (Active networks and services for VTHD++). Our contribution is summarized in the 2 following points:


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Documents : deliverables, publications and slides

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