Flow Control


This piece of software is intended to allow profile scheduling of network flows. With this approach of bandwidth sharing, flows' rate are limited in a time-dependant manner according to a profile generated by a scheduler. Scheduler and FLOC are jointly able to provide flow and performance isolation.
To achieve this goal, FLOC allows specification of rate limitation that can vary with time. They can be applied on a per-token basis, UID based, PID based. When a new application is launched, it gets registred to FLOC daemon and registers every new sockets. This can be done either by explicit call to FLOC functions or by using LD_PRELOAD to hijack connect() function.
When a socket matches criteria of one limitation, socket gets tagged and the limitation's filter (tc filter ...) will queue packets in the proper rate limited queue.
Next section describes the three interfaces of FLOC: Control, Application and Kernel.

Scheduled transfers
Example of flow schedule

One flow profile
Example of flow profile




  • The FLOC software has been transfered to the INRIA spinoff LYaTiss. For any information please contact:contact@lyatiss.com

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