Tamanoir project

“High Performance Active Network”


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What is Tamanoir?

The Tamanoir project is a complete framework that allows users to easily deploy and maintain distributed active routers on a LAN or a Wide Area Network. Based on Java with a multi-threading approach to combine performance and portability of active services, applications can easily benefit of personalized network services.


Tamanoir was originally written by Jean-Patrick Gelas as PhD student and Laurent Lefèvre (his PhD advisor) during years 2000-2003. This work was supported by ANVAR and INRIA. Tamanoir is the french name for anteater, one of the strangest animal of south America: living in savanna, with an impressive tongue and a mouth of 2 centimeters diameter this animal only eats ants (up to 30.000 daily).

Tamanoir Principles

The main component of the Tamanoir project is the TAN (Tamanoir Active Node) shown Fig. 1. One or several TANs can be deployed in the current Internet.

Fig. 1: A Tamanoir Active Node.

Active services can be deployed from Application/Middleware (Fig. 2: scenario 1), from another active node (Fig. 2: scenario 2a and 2b) and from a service repository (Fig. 2: scenario 3a and 3b).

Fig. 2: Active services deployment.

Tamanoir is used in various research projects (see projects section) and can be used to support Grid infrastructures (Active Grid), illustrated by Fig. 3.

Fig. 3: Active Grid scenario.