ICT Energy logs

energy and power consumption traces from large-scale distributed systems

Motivation and Goals

The goal of this site is to provide (anonymized) workload, energy and power consumption traces from large-scale distributed environments to researchers and to practitioners alike.

Large-scale distributed systems are widely used from DNA sequence analysis to economic forecasting. Driven mostly by application performance, these systems have constantly increased in size and computing power of their resources.

The power supply requirements of these systems have increased in a similar fashion, which has raised concerns about the energy they consume. Power management of resources is then required on the basis of real power consumption measurements.

The goal of this website is to provide a virtual meeting place where practitioners and researchers can exchange energy traces.


If you have traces from your large-scale distributed system (data center, grid, cloud, network), either complete or partial, please contact us. We will help you gather the traces, we will anonimize and process the traces, we will publish with your consent the traces, and we will give credit where its due.


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latest news

November 9, 2010
Official launch of the ICT Energy Logs for all web page

July 6, 2010
Grid5000 Logs are available !! Description of the logs can be found here.