Optimized Protocols and Software for High-Performance Networks

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RESO's Projects

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  • RESCUE (2010-2013) : ANR Verso
  • Compatible One (2010-2012)
  • GEYSERS (2010-2012) :  European IP project (FP6)
  • SAIL (2010- 2012) : European IP project (FP7)
  • PrimeEnergy (2010-2012) : EU IT, Intelligent Energy - Europe Program
  • PETAFLOW (2009-2012) : ANR blanche France-Japon
  • GRID'5000-ALADDIN (2002-2012): ACI Grid Project
  • Euro-NF (2008-2010) :European project
  • FETUSES (2012-2014) : ANR blanc

Older projects

  • HIPCAL (2007-2010): ANR CIS project
  • EC-GIN (2006-2010): european STREP project # FP6-2005-IST-6-045256
  • AUTONOMIC INTERNET (2008-2010): european STREP project
  • AEOLUS(2005-2010): european IP
  • CARRIOCAS (2007-2009): System@tic pôle de compétitivité
  • GREEN NET (2008-2009) : Action de recherche collaborative INRIA
  • GRIDNET_FJ (2007-2009): associated team with AIST GTRC
  • IGTMD(2006-2008): ANR "Non thématique" project
  • DSLAB(2006-2008) : ANR "jeune chercheur" project
  • NEGST : JSP - CNRS project
  • QUT FAST (2005-2006) : PAI
  • Data Grid Explorer (2003-2006): ACI Data Mass
  • RNRT Temic Project concerns distributed and collaborative industrial management. In this project, RESO contributes on active and programmable networks support for industrial applications.
  • Programme d'Actions Intégrées "Sakura" with AIST GTRC Japan + Equipe associéee: After the first France-Japan Grid workshop in Paris (Mars 2004), INRIA RESO team and AIST GTRC group decided to work together. Both team focus their activities in High Performance GridNetworking area. AIST GTRC networking group is studying approaches that activate and use some intelligence in a dedicated equipment in the path, named GtrcNet1. Two GtrcNet1 equipments have been installed within the GRID5000 node in Lyon. Both our teams adopt the same type of solutions based on IP technology, and exploiting some "intelligence" within the network (i.e., in network interface cards or in programmable equipments located in edge networks) to tackle the same kind of problems: high end-to-end throughput, performance control and measurement. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between INRIA and AIST GTRC in july 2004. A "Programme d'Actions Integrees" SAKURA project has been accepted for the 2005-2007 period wich enable a fruitful collaborative research on high performance evaluation, network processing and protocol benchmarking.
    In 2005 Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet spent two weeks in Japan for deploying and experimenting the eWAN software within the AIST SuperCluster. In 2005 Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet , Sébastien Soudan and Romaric Guillier spent two weeks at AIST for studying transport protocol issues as well as 10Gb/s networks issues. Several publications have been collaboratively written and a Associated Team application prepared. RESO and GTRC AIST will pursue and amplify their collaborations. The accepted INRIA Associated-Team program will run during 2007-2009 period.
  • European DATATAG project Contract IST-2001-32459 (CERN/INRIA/UvA/PPARC) Research and Technological Development for an International Grid Interconnexion (2002-2003). RESO focus on advanced services for Grid, high performance transport protocols and quality of service with EDS.
  • Programme d'Actions Intégrées Amadeus on "Services and tools in Network Programmable Cards", with Linz University (Austria) (J. Volkert Team) , funded by French Ministery of Foreign Affairs suite of PAI Amadeus with Linz University (Austria) (1/1/99 - 31/12/2000)
  • NSF-INRIA Project between RESO and team of C. Lee (AeroSPace Organisation), Los Angeles, USA (2004-2006)
  • RNRT VTHD++ Project : This project focus on high speed networks (2.5 Gbits). A platform is currenlty deployed among partners. RESO is working on high performance networks and services on VTHD platform.
  • RNTL e-Toile Project : on development and deployment of an high performance Grid infrastructure (2002-2003). RESO provides network support to middlewares and Grid applications through research on active networks and active services of reliable multicast and quality of service.
  • ACI-Grid RESAM on network support for high performance Grids.
  • Fédération Lyonnaise de Calcul Scientifique Haute Performance supported by Région Rhône-Alpes with various research teams from Lyon region.
  • OGF-EUROPE (2008-2010): european project
  • DMASC (2008-2011) : ANR SysComm
  • MISSION (2010-2011) : ARC Inria
  • CIFRE (2009-2012)
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