Research Topic #1: Protocols and Services Implementation


managed by Laurent Lefèvre

Overview & Goals

This Research Topic focuses on the implementation and optimization of the mechanisms and processes within networking devices. For several years, virtualization of the operating system has been used in end systems to improve the environments' security, isolation, reliability, and flexibility. These mechanisms become a must-have in a large-scale distributed system. In this Research Topic, we explore how these mechanisms can also be adapted and used in data-transport networks, specifically in switching and routing equipments.

However, virtualization introduces an overhead which must be integrated to system-performance models in order to forecast their behavior. Lots of performance problems, both on end systems and router data planes, have to be studied and solved to make the virtualization approach a viable one. Investigating these issues is one of the goals of this Research Topic.

On the other hand, the key factor enabling new network services is programmability at every level; that is the ability for new software capabilities to self-configure themselves over the network. We explore the concept, "dynamic programming enablers" for the dynamic, service-driven configuration of communication resources.

In this Research Topic, we also explore the integration of a context-awareness functionality to address two important issues : reliability of communications and energy comsumption.

This orientation is supported mainly by the EU FP7 "Autonomic Internet" project (2008-2010), with the INRIA "Action de Recherche Concertée" titled "Green-NET" (2008-2010). The ANR HIPCAL (2007-2009) grant helps our studies around network virtualisation.


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