Research Topic #4: Network Services


managed by Olivier Glück



Overview & Goals

This Research Topic strongly interacts with the other three fundamental topics. It focuses on the application of the solutions to the grid context and on their implementation in a real environment such as the national research instrument Grid'5000. Indeed, we believe that the precise structure of future applications and services is difficult to design without building large-scale instruments and systems for real use based on real and performant hardware. Therefore, in this Research Topic, we develop prototypes and deploy them within the Grid'5000 testbed. For example, we design special measurement- and routing-systems at the edge of each Grid'5000 site to explore new approaches or difficult problems alike.

In this topic, investigation strongly focuses on the usage and evolution of the Grid'5000 instrument:

RESO pursues researches for improving communications in grid environments. Thanks to systematic experiments of the behavior of MPI in large-scale invironment, we merge optimizations of current implementations and propose new optimizations in the communication layers in order to execute MPI applications on the grid more efficiently. We also study the impact of using the TCP protocol for WAN communications (inter-site communications in the grid) and its interactions with MPI applications.


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Results & Software


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