GdT le 15/09/2011 à 13h30 - Anne Cécile ORGERIE


Anne-Cécile Orgerie fera faire une répétition générale de la soutenance de sa thèse le 15 septembre à 13h30 en salle du conseil (3ème étage). 
Ci-dessous un résumé de sa présentation. 

titre: "An Energy-Efficient Reservation Framework for Large-Scale Distributed Systems"

Over the past few years, the energy consumption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has become a major issue. Nowadays, ICT accounts for 2% of the

global CO2 emissions, an amount similar to that produced by the aviation industry. Large-scale distributed systems (e.g. Grids, Clouds and high-performance networks)

are often heavy electricity consumers because – for high-availability requirements – their resources are always powered on even when they are not in use.

Reservation-based systems guarantee quality of service, allow for respect of user constraints and enable fine-grained resource management.

For these reasons, we propose an energy-efficient reservation framework to reduce the electric consumption of distributed systems and dedicated networks.

 The framework, called ERIDIS, is adapted to three different systems: data centers and grids, cloud environments and dedicated wired networks.

By validating each derived infrastructure, we show that significant amounts of energy can be saved using ERIDIS in current and future large-scale distributed systems.
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