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Maître de conférence position in computer science (section 27)  at University Claude Bernard Lyon 1

A Maître de conférence position in computer science should be opened at University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 in 2019, with the profile ‘High performance computing’. The research activity will be carried out at the LIP laboratory and the teaching at the computer science department of University Lyon 1. The description of the position is given below.
The persons interested should contact for the research side the head of the research team at LIP which they could join as well as the LIP director, and for the teaching side the director of the computer science department of University Lyon 1.

Profile: High performance computing

The hired person will mainly take part in teachings in the areas of networks, IT architectures and systems, and web. She will also take part in common teachings. Moreover, she will have to invest herself strongly in the teachings and in pedagogical responsibilities, mainly at the Licence level.

Contact for teaching (Name, first name, mail, telephone):
Shariat Behzad, Director of département informatique, 04 72 43 13 11,

High performance computing is a quickly evolving field. On the hardware side, architectures are extremely powerful and become more and more complex. Understanding them and harnessing their full power is a major issue. This can be achieved through the design and deployment of algorithms that make the best of them (with respect to computation time, energy consumption, numerical quality of results, etc.). For the development and tuning of efficient software, hardware evolutions make it more difficult to solve problems related to the required increase in the parallelism degree of applications, to the heterogeneity of hardware, and to the optimization of communications, data mapping, and memory hierarchy exploitation. Algorithmic advances are also required for a better trade-off between efficiency and numerical precision, and to develop strategies with variable precision.
In order to participate in addressing these challenges (in particular from a software point of view), the LIP laboratory wishes to hire of an Associate Professor who will reinforce its Computation/HPC theme, where the low-level characteristics of machines can no longer be totally ignored or be completely abstracted. The candidate could reinforce, or bring a complementary point of view to, the existing work in the laboratory on this theme. This includes, among others, computer arithmetic, linear algebra, HPC programming models, code optimization, runtime systems comprising scheduling algorithms, or algorithm studies and performance evaluation on experimental platforms (with a large number of cores, a large memory, hardware accelerators, etc.). The hired person will also have to interact with other players in the HPC field in the Lyon area.

Contact for research (Name, first name, mail, telephone):
Patrick Baillot, Director of LIP, Tel: (+33) 4 72 72 89 32,