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The Game of Life: universality revisited.

Model Theory and Computational Complexity.

On connectedness and dimension of a Besicovitch space over SZ.

Compass permits leader election.

Introduction à la théorie algorithmique de l'information.

Algebraic tools for the construction of colored flows with constraints.

JNN, a Randomized Algorithm for Learning Multilayer Networks in Polynomial Time.

Tiling for Heterogeneous Computing Platforms.

Technology Transfer within the ProHPC TTN at ENS Lyon.

The complexity of irreducible components.

Task Ordering in Linear Tiles.

The Table Maker's Dilemma.

Loop Partitioning versus Tiling for Cache-based Multiprocessors.

Low Memory Cost Dynamic Scheduling of Large Coarse Grain Task Graphs.

Elimination of parameters in the polynomial hierarchy.

Confluent Vandermonde matrices using Sylvester's structure.

More on Scheduling Block-Cyclic Array Redistribution.

Height-relaxed AVL rebalancing: A unified, fine-grained approach to concurrent dictionaries.

A Randomized BSP/CGM Algorithm for the Maximal Independent Set Problem.

Fast orthogonalization of confluent Vandermonde, confluent Chebychev Vandermonde and related matrices.

The Architecture of BPFS: a Basic Parallel File System Version 1.0.

Do most strong definitions of randomness exist?

Structures de déplacement pour les matrices p-Vandermonde confluentes et éliminations de Gauss avec pivotement partiel.

Minimal Triangulations for Graphs with "Few" Minimal Separators.

Static Multiprocessor Task Graph Scheduling in the Genetic Paradigm: A Comparison of Genotype Representations.

MADELEINE: An Efficient and Portable Communication Interface for RPC-based Multithreaded Environments.

Comparison between the complexity of a function and the complexity of its graph.

Application Interfaces to BPFS: a Basic Parallel File System.

A Polynomial Time Incremental Learning Algorithm.

Alignment and distribution is NOT (always) NP-hard.

Cellular automata in the Cantor, Besicovitch and Weyl spaces.

Definability of geometric properties in algebraically closed fields.

Retiming et parallélisation automatique.

Computations on Cellular Automata.

Computations on Grids.

Cellular Automata as Languages Recognizers.

An introduction to Cellular Automata.

A Study of End-User SCSI Disk Performance with Parallel and Non-parallel Files.

Multiplications of floating point expansions.

Treewidth and Minimum Fill-in of Weakly Triangulated Graphs.

Symbolic Partitioning and Scheduling of Parameterized Task Graph.

The Nestor library: a tool for implementing Fortran source to source transformations.

A multithreaded runtime environments with thread migration for HPF and C* data-parallel compilers.

Simulations of graph automata.

A few results on table-based methods.

A Geometrical Hierarchy of Graphs via Cellular Automata.

A near-optimal solution to a two-dimensional cutting stock problem.

Algorithmic Issues on Heterogeneous Computing Platforms.

On the complexity of loop fusion.

A Framework for Defining Object-Calculi.

Linear Ensemble Methods for Multiclass Discrimination.