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Admissions via entrance exam and via application

The Physics & Chemistry training programme is accessible via a competitive public entrance examination or via application, at each level of the programme: L3, M1 and M2.


Admission into the L3 is dependent upon successfully passing the entrance exam to ENS Lyon or via acceptance of the student's application dossier following two years of Grande École preparatory courses or two years of validated university instruction. Both avenues of admission are separate and can be pursued simultaneously.

Students can enter the first year of the Physics & Chemistry Master's programme either directly via an assessment of the student's academic dossier or following the year of preparatory instruction at the L3 level of the Physics & Chemistry programme.

The various course programmes offered during the second year of the Physics & Chemistry Master's training can be accessed either directly via an assessment of the student's academic dossier or following completion of the first year of the Master's programme.

Physics and Chemistry Departments Office, ENS Lyon

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