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Admissions - Master 1

The Physics & Chemistry Master's programme can be entered either directly via assessment of the applicant's academic dossier or following the year of L3-level Physics & Chemistry preparation.


There are two ways to enter the Master 1:

•    Most students enter the M1 by continuing on following the L3 year of the Physics & Chemistry programme. For students having completed the L3 year, admission criteria for the Master's programme are presented in the section "Pursuing an M1".

•    The remaining students enter the M1 by submitting an application dossier, after their having completed the L3 year of a licence degree programme at a French university (or an equivalent training programme abroad). Application dossiers are assessed by the selection committee, which meets each year at the beginning of July

Admission procedure for the application dossier


  •   The final admission commitee takes place on July 13th 2018, and resulst will be available soon after.
  •  The start of the academic year and the programme calendar are provided on the M1 "Schedule" page.

Applying within the framework of the AtoSiM Erasmus Mundus Master's Programme

It is also possible to receive 2 years of European funding to prepare for the AtoSiM M1 year, followed by the "Computational Modelling in Physics and Chemistry" M2 of the Physics & Chemistry programme. Admission criteria are based upon the excellence of the applicant's academic dossier.

Practical information

M1-level admissions:

Laetitia ROCHARD
Teaching Committees: Physics & Chemistry
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Bat. Le Quai 43 - Porte 136
43 Bd du 11 Novembre 1918
69622 VILLEURBANNE cedex


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