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Mécanique quantique

Informations pratiques

Discipline :

Physique et Chimie

Niveau :

Licence 3

Semestre :


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Volume Horaire :

28h Cours
28h TD

Responsable :

Peter Holdsworth

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon,

UMR5672 Laboratoire de Physique

Intervenants :

P. Holdsworth


M. Magro

M. Farizon

A. Essig
T. Niehaus

R. Staub

B. Besga

The course (given in English)

Quantum Mechanics makes the world in which we live! The nucleus, the atom and the remarkable strength and diversity of the chemical bond are the consequences of quantum mechanics applied to the forces of nature around us. Unravelling these concepts led to a new dawn in physics and chemistry whose consequences are felt to this day. Present day research in quantum physics and chemistry are driving the nano-technology revolution and knowledge of this subject is essential baggage for researchers in many areas of the natural sciences. In this course we give a first look at the ingredients of quantum mechanics, including the central theme of superposition and quantum coherence, applied to model situations. After a first look at interference effects and particle wave duality, we will move on to two level and then n-systems with applications in both physics and chemistry before returning to wave mechanics and to scattering and tunnelling problems. We will treat more complex situations using perturbation theory and the variationel method. Finally we will encounter problems of more than one particle and the purely quantum phenomenon of particle indistinguishably.

Suggested reading includes: Physique Quantique by Michel Le Bellac (French or English version, Editions CNRS), Mécanique Quantique de Jean-Louis Basdevant and Jean Dalibard (Les Editions de l’Ecole Polythechique), The Feynman Lectures Volume III (Wiley Press – these lectures are available free of charge in pdf - try googling! ).
I can also recommend MIT Opensource lectures: http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/physics/8-04-quantum-physics-i-spring-2013/


Entry to L3 Sciences de la Matière


There will be a written exam at the end of the course. The text will be in English or in French and candidates can write in either language.

Course outline

1. Experimental motivation and physical ideas.
- Towards a corpuscular theory of light.
- Wave duality for particles.
- The consequences of confinement – Heisenberg inequalities and discrete energy levels.

2. Superposition and quantum coherence.
- Hilbert space – discrete and continuous and the postulates of quantum mechanics.
- Two level systems –ammonia molecule, polarized light and S=1/2 particles.
- n-level systems and application to complex molecules and solids.

3. Schrodinger Equation.
- Real and momentum space representations, wave packets and uncertainty.
- Scattering, tunnelling and confinement problems.
- Two-level systems revisited.

4. Perturbation methods.
- Time independent perturbation theory and variational methods.
- Time dependent perturbation theory.

5. Two body quantum mechanics.
- Indistinguishability, Bosons Fermions and quantum entanglement.
- Bells inequalities.