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Matière condensée

Informations pratiques

Discipline :

Physique et Chimie

Niveau :

Master 1

Semestre :


Crédits ECTS :


Volume Horaire :

24h Cours
24h TD

Responsable :

David Carpentier

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Laboratoire de Physique

Intervenants :

D. Carpentier


A. Berthelot

A. Crut

T. Niehaus

T. Roscilde

La Formation

Macroscopic measurment, specific heat, bulk modulus.
-Lattice vibrations, Debye theory, structures with a basis, band gaps.
-Crystalography of a cubic lattice, Brilloin zone and Bloch waves.
-Free electrons, thermodynamics and degeneracy.
Electrons in solids.
-The quantum nature of atomic binding and molecular binding .
-Atomic and molecular length scales.
-Energy and  electron confinement.
-Tight binding model of metals, Bloch’s theorem, electron bands  and effective mass.
-Almost free electrons, band structure and modified Fermi surfaces.
-Metals and insulators.
-Classification of solids, ionic, covalent, Van der Waals, Hydrogen bonding.
Crystal structure.
-Experimental evidence for periodic structures.
-Bravais lattice and classification, unit cells.
-Reciprocal lattice, Miller indices.
-Neutron and X-ray scattering, Ewald construction.
-Form factor, nuclear and magnetic scattering.
-Diffuse scattering and amorphose systems.
Interactions and nonlinearity
-Electronic conductivity, Drude’s theory and its limitations.
-Thermal conductivity and the Wiedemann-Franz law.
-Hole conductivity  and conductivity in semi-conductors.
-Phonon-neutron scattering, phonon-phonon interaction, electron-phonon interaction.
-Giant magnetoresistance.


Un premier cours de mécanique statistique et de mécanique quantique, niveau licence au minimum.

Modalité de l'examen

Examen écrit de trois heures.