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Chimie des systèmes biologiques

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Discipline :

Physique, Chimie, Biologie

Niveau :

Master 1

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Volume Horaire :

16h Cours
8h TD

Responsable :

Jens Hasserodt

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Intervenants :

J. Hasserodt
E. Barbet-Massin

La Formation (dispensée en anglais / lectures are given in English)

I. Definition of Chemistry within the limitations of the biological world

II. Covalent bonds in biomacromolecules
    A. Amide bond; 1. Ribosomal peptide synthesis ; 2. Solid-phase peptide synthesis
    B. Phosphodiester bond; 1. DNA replication ; 2. Solid-phase oligonucleolide synthesis
    C. Glycosidic bond; 1. Glycosidase action

III. Covalent bonds in small molecules of the metabolic chain (examples)
    A. C-C bond formation, LiGlycolysis, and Ac-CoA formation
    B. Cholesterol biosynthesis
    C. Bio-mimetic terpene cyclisations
    D. The inception of Bioorganic Chemistry

IV. Weak bonds in biomacromolecules
    A. Physical nature and energy contributions of weak bonds
    B. Auto-assembly ; 1. The dimerization of DNA ; 2. The polymerase chain reaction PCR; 3. Anti-sense oligonucleotides ; 4. Trimerization of DNA; 5. Non-natural DNAs; 6. The auto-assembly of peptide nanotubes

V. Secondary structure adoption
    A. The folding of RNA
    B. The folding of proteins and possible oligomerization

VI. Folding and melting of secondary structure : spectroscopic and calorimetric analysis

VII. Next Generation Sequencing - the 1000 dollar genome



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Ecrit de 2 heures.


Biology, biomacromolecules, DNA, RNA