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Master 2

The Physics & Chemistry Master's offers five different M2 course programmes covering all fields of physics and chemistry, from fundamental concepts to applications to modelling.


For the M2, the Physics & Chemistry Master's offers 5 different course programmes preparing students for a variety of careers:

The "Physics, Concepts and Applications" course programme: Top-level training in fundamental physics. An excellent foundation for both experimental and theoretical theses. Read more...

The "Chemistry, Concepts and Applications" course programme: A wide-based training in chemistry, complemented by research experience at top-level laboratories. Read more...

The "Complex Systems" course programme: Provides interdisciplinary instruction focusing on the modelling of complex systems, while maintaining a balance between a solid disciplinary grounding and an openness to other disciplines. Read more...

The "Digital Modelling in Physics and Chemistry" course programme: Digital instruction at the crossroads of physics and chemistry, leaving substantial room for theoretical concepts. Read more...

The "Open" course programme: Reserved for Physics & Chemistry M1 students, this programme allows you to pursue a second year of Master's training in a speciality not available locally. Read more...

These course programmes can be entered directly during the M2 year (except for the "Open" M2 programme, which is reserved for Physics & Chemistry M1 students).

Admission to all M2 course programmes is subject to an examination of the applicant's academic dossier by a selection committee comprising course programme directors.

Practical information on the Master 2:

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