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Master 2 - Open course programme

The "Open" course programme, reserved for holders of a Physics & Chemistry M1, allows students to pursue a second year of master's training in a speciality not available locally.


The "Open" course programme for the Physics & Chemistry M2 offers:

Advanced specialized instruction following the first year of the Physics & Chemistry Master's training programme. The first year of master's training based on a wide spectrum of advanced-level instruction allows students to enter M2 programmes recognized for their specialization.

The possibility to follow the S3 semester and/or the S4 semester of an M2 programme at another institution (outside the Université de Lyon). The host institution is responsible for assessing the instruction modules taken by the student.

A research placement of at least 16 weeks, which can cover an entire semester. This placement is subject to assessment by a jury made up of Physics & Chemistry programme teachers.

A variety of career possibilities, with students having to meet the same requirements and high standards as those of the other Physics & Chemistry course programmes.

Practical information on the Master 2:

Physics and Chemistry Departments Office, ENS Lyon

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