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"Open" M2 - Organization

Conditions for entering the "Open" course programme

•    Students must have validated their Physics & Chemistry M1.


•    They must have been admitted to pursue a Physics & Chemistry M2. Consult the rules.

Defining and personalizing your academic programme

•    Identify an "exterior" (outside the Université de Lyon) research M2 and establish the list of courses to be taken in this M2. The UEs must correspond to a specialization that is not offered within the Physics & Chemistry training programme.

•    Write a short letter of motivation and discuss the training project with the directors of the "Open" course programme.

•    Apply and register for the "exterior" M2, then register for the "Open" M2 within the Physics & Chemistry programme.

Validating the Physics & Chemistry Master's degree

Completion of the Physics & Chemistry M2 via the "Open" course programme is validated by the Master's jury according to the following conditions:

•    Students must have "brilliantly" validated their "exterior" M2.


•    They must have satisfactorily presented the results of their research placement via a written report and during an oral examination at ENS Lyon in early September. The jury is made up of Physics & Chemistry Master's programme teachers and the research placement is assessed according to the same criteria as are used for all the other M2 course programmes.