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"Open" M2 - Schedule

  • M1 academic year - in December: information session on the various M2 course programmes 
  • M1 year - January: meeting presenting a few possible "exterior" M2 programmes 
  • M1 year - February-April: students discuss their M2 project with the programme directors 
  • M1 year - May-June: applications for an "exterior" M2 
  • M2 academic year - September: registration for the "exterior" M2 programme and the Physics & Chemistry M2 programme 
  • M2 year - Septemberstart of the S3 semester
  • M2 year - Januarystart of the S4 semester, including a research placement of at least 16 weeks 
  • M2 year - July-August: the placement report is handed in to the Physics & Chemistry Master's programme  
  • M2 year - September: research placement oral examination before a Physics & Chemistry Master's jury