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Master 2 - Chemistry, Concepts and Applications

The Chemistry course programme for the  Physics & Chemistry M2 seeks to best prepare students for the research profession. This training programme allows students to specialize in a sub-discipline of chemistry, and even in other related and/or emerging disciplines.


Our M2 training programme stands out for three key features:

  • Very effective preparation for the 2nd-semester experimental research placement, thanks to a bibliographic research placement (with report and oral examination) carried out during the first semester.
  • A tailor-made jury for both oral examinations, by inviting two expert jury members specialized in the subject of your research placement. 
  • The opportunity to pursue personalized theoretical training (validated during the first semester), by choosing from among various modules of chemistry or other disciplines. 



Our Chemistry M2 allows you to freely choose the laboratory and location of your research placement in France, in Europe and overseas, with the approval of your programme directors. This freedom reflects our desire to internationalize your training, because international experience is essential for today's young researchers.

Close supervision and ever available and attentive teachers guarantee the proper monitoring and accompaniment of your studies and career project.

We particularly encourage applications from students who have not followed our L3 and M1 training programmes at ENS Lyon. In addition, the "International Master" label obtained via the Université de Lyon clearly illustrates our mission to welcome talented and motivated students from abroad. Insertion constraints, caused by the language barrier, concern principally the theoretical courses that make up only 30% of the year's coursework. Validation of 70% of the modules (principally the research placement reports and oral examinations) is generally carried out in English.

Practical information on the Master 2:

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