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The academic year is divided into two semesters (S3 and S4 of the master's programme), with each requiring a minimum of 30 ECTS credits for validation.

The 3rd semester comprises UE study units (18 ECTS minimum) and a bibliographic research placement worth 12 ECTS. Students are free to choose their UEs, according to their interests. Students can choose from among the modules presented below, as well as all the modules offered by the Master 2 in Chemistry programme at the Université Claude Bernard (Lyon I).

On an exceptional basis, students can also choose a module from the Chemistry M1 programme at UCBL, or from another Lyon-based master's degree programme, with the approval of the training programme director(s). The chosen module(s) must be coherent with the student's studies project and must not pose a scheduling problem.

The 4th semester consists of an experimental placement at a research laboratory (30 ECTS).

Semestre 4