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M2 Complex Systems – Admissions

This 2nd year Master program in Complex Systems can be accessed after a Master 1, either in continuity of M1 Physics at ENSL, or through external admission from another Master. In both cases, the admission is decided upon the academic results and the motivation.


There are 3 possible ways to be admitted in the program. The up-to-date information are only displayed at the ENS de Lyon webpage, here : International Admission to ENS de Lyon. Some guidelines are given afterward. Please be attentive to the deadlines.

• Admission after a M1 in Physics at ENS Lyon..
La commission d'admission du parcours "Systèmes Complexes" du M2 Sciences de la Matière étudie chaque dossier sur la base des résultats de L3 et de M1 (et éventuellement de la préparation à l'agrégation). Attention, l'admission au parcours "Physique, concepts et applications" n'est pas automatique avec la validation du M1 ni même avec l'autorisation à poursuivre en M2 Sciences de la Matière. Les étudiants ayant un parcours "accidenté" sont notamment invités à ajouter une lettre de motivation à leur dossier de candidature.

• Admission upon examination of acamedic records. Students having obtaind at least a Master one level in academia (or the equivalent) in France or in any country, can ask for admission directly in M2. For that, the candidate has to gather documents of application (as described underneath) and send it. It will be reviewed by an admission committee.

• International scholarship to study at the ENS of Lyon : international students may ask for a scholarship  (400 à 1000€/month), awared on the basis of academic achivement. These scholarships are given by the University of Lyon (PALSE scholarships) or the ENS of Lyon (Ampère scholarship).


Procedure to be candidate to the master program,  :

Follow the online procedure for admission in Master et the ENS of Lyon (or the University of Lyon 1). For the ENS of Lyon, this is explained here in french http://www.ens-lyon.fr/formation/admission (for student already in France) or here: admission at ENS de Lyon (in english) for others. Be attentive to the deadlines.


In addition, please contact the responsables du of the program if you have questions relative to the program and to the admission. Also, if you apply, fill the application document that is here:  


For all students, and especially those not coming from the M1 Physics at the ENS of Lyon,   it is recommanded to provide also the following elements: :

- A copy of the degree certificate of Master 1 level

- A copy of the transcripts of grades or of significant end-of-term reports for M1 and L3 (or equivalent) at the leats

- A motivation letter

- A detailed CV

- One or two recommendation letter (these can be sent separately by email to the responsables of the program)

Send the application file by email to the responsables of the program :  Pierre. Borgnat AT ens-lyon.fr and Marton.Karsai AT ens-lyon.fr.