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M2 Complex Systems - Lectures

Organization for 2014-2015. The year of Master 2 is divided in two semesters (S3 and S4). The first one (S3), from early september to december is devoted to lectures. The second semester (S4) begins near the end of January and is mostly occupied by a research internship. The success of each requires the validation of 30 ECTS. See the planning...

Semester 3

This semester is devoted to main lectures (mandatory ones), lectures on research topics in modeling, specific lectures which are joint with computer science master, and winter research scools organized by the IXXI or the computer science department. Each student has to acquire at least 18 ECTS from these lectures. In addition, at least 12 ECTS are to be obtanined from the lectures of the "Physics, concepts and applications" main program from Semester 3 (S3a or S3b).

Warning: The description details of some lectures might be modified for 2015-2016.  Note that most of the lectures will be at 4 ECTS.


Main Lectures


Research Winter School

The IXXI will organize in januray a winter school that can be counted as 2 ECTS, with the same format as the winter school of the Master 2 in computer science (see : http://www.ens-lyon.fr/DI/?p=100 ).

For 2015-2016, the theme will be announced later on.

For reference, in 2014-2015, the IXXI winter school was:

Big Data Algorithms (N. Schabanel, A. Barrat, B. Goncalves) 5 days (24h), 2 ECTS. 




Semestre 4

Each student has to choose one of the two possibilities :

1) Research internship of 6 months, from February to July, for 30 ECTS

2) Supplementary training of at least 12 ECTS, to be chosen in the lectures of S4a or S4b of the lectures of the "Physics, concepts and applications" main program, the winter school of the IXXI and/or the computer science M2 ; or in other Master 2 or formation of the same level (agreement is to be obtained beforehand by contacting the people in charge of the M2 program). 

This semester ends then by a research internship of 4 months (minimum duration of 16 weeks), usually between april and july, for obtaining 22 ECTS.