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Master 2 - Computational Physics and Chemistry

The "Computational Physics and Chemistry" course programme for the Physics & Chemistry M2 constitutes a very high-level training programme emphasizing the close link between fundamental concepts and computer modelling in physics and chemistry.


Computational technology has become an essential lever for progress, an irreplaceable tool for measuring, storing and analysing masses of empirical data, for solving fundamental equations describing systems, for establishing and simulating models, and for perfecting monitoring/control techniques. The increasing importance of computational approaches concerns all scientific and social disciplines.

The primary goal of the "Computational Physics and Chemistry" course programme is to teach the computational approach as a natural complement to (but not as a substitute for) the analytical theories and fundamental concepts forming the basis of our Physics & Chemistry training. This course programme is shared by the AtoSiM Erasmus Mundus European Master's Programme.

The principle of this course programme is to select UEs (worth 12 to 18 ECTS credits) that are heavily based on the utilization of computational methods and to associate them with M2-level UEs in chemistry or physics offered elsewhere within the Physics & Chemistry Master's degree programme. The computationally-oriented UEs can be specific to this course programme or already offered within the framework of another course programme. Consult the list of eligible courses.

This unique combination of coursework allows for the elaboration of profile-types that are more or less specialized in a large domain of physics or chemistry.

During the second semester, the course programme is extended via a 4- to 6-month research placement on a theoretical or computational subject.

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