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Master 2 - Physics, Concepts and Applications

Top-level training in fundamental physics, an excellent specialization for both experimental and theoretical theses.


The "Physics" course programme for the Physics & Chemistry M2 offers:

A wide range of courses allowing for a progressive specialization during the course of the year. Whether you're fascinated by the theoretical formalism of high-energy physics or an enthusiast of experimental aspects of out-of-equilibrium phenomena, the M2's 30 modules will allow you to construct a top-level, à la carte training programme. Courses from other Université de Lyon master's degree programmes can complement our offer, for entirely personalized coursework. List of courses.

Two main scientific orientations: fields, particles and condensed matter (training programme shared with the eponymous master's at the Université de Savoie), out-of-equilibrium physics. A strong astrophysics flavor is even possible (training programme shared with the master's in physics research at the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1). More information.

A special relationship with the researchers. Over 50 instructors, at the cutting edge of current research within their subject, who remain attentive and available to each academic year's 30 to 40 students. This proximity provides a direct opening into the world of research at the laboratories of Lyon, Grenoble, Annecy, Montpellier, etc. 

Personalized accompaniment and advice throughout the year, including for the choice of a work placement and thesis. M2 directors carefully follow and monitor the students' choice of subject, laboratory and supervisors, so as to best ensure a successful work placement and the obtaining of thesis funding.

A springboard for the thesis: 85% of students continue to directly pursue a PhD, with funding for a minimum of 3 years. The remaining students leave to teach or to take the French agrégation competitive examination; only a few choose to pursue a complementary training programme. Geographically speaking, most theses are equally divided between Lyon, Paris and the rest of France, though nearly 10% are prepared abroad.

A high success rate: thanks to a highly selective admissions process and the monitoring and assistance provided throughout the M2, 97% of students earn their degree at the end of the year.

Numerous internal training programme documents (course notes, tutorial texts, examination archives, evaluation questionnaires, etc.) are made available to M2 students via the "studies portal" (students must sign in to the ENS server).

Practical information on the Master 2:

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