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Physics M2 – Admissions

The "Physics, Concepts and Applications" course programme is accessible to continuing Physics & Chemistry M1 graduates, as well as directly via examination of the applicant's academic dossier.


Students may enter the "Physics, Concepts and Applications" programme of the Physics & Chemistry M2 three ways:

Continuing Physics & Chemistry M1 students (two thirds of the academic class).
The admissions committee for the "Physics, Concepts and Applications" programme of the Physics & Chemistry M2 studies each dossier according to students' L3 and M1 results (and, if applicable, their preparation for the agrégation competitive examination). PLEASE NOTE: admission to the "Physics, Concepts and Applications" programme is not automatic for students having validated their M1, even with authorization to pursue their studies via the Physics & Chemistry M2. Students with a "chequered" or "problematic" academic history are encouraged to complement their application dossier with a letter of motivation.

Students having validated a M1 degree (or an equivalent degree course) at a French or foreign university can submit an application dossier to enter the M2. Each application dossier is examined by the selection committee, which gathers once a year in early July.

Foreign students can apply to merit grants of 400 to 1000 euros per month, provided by the Université de Lyon or the ENS Lyon. Beware of the early deadline : january 25th, 2016. More information here : Scholarships for international students

Admissions procedure (except foreign candidates to scholarships)
1. Download the application dossier (in pdf, doc or odt format).
2. Record your request via the PRINS application from 12 May and before 28 June 2016.
3. Send your completed application dossier before 28 June 2016 to the following address:

Département de Physique
ENS de Lyon - Site Monod
46 Allée d'Italie
69364 LYON CEDEX 07
along with the following documents:
- The application form (clearly completed) 
- The information form furnished by the PRINS application (duly completed, recorded and signed) 

and for applicants from a training programme other than the Physics & Chemistry M1:

- Transcripts for your previous academic years since the L3 (or equivalent) 
- A letter of motivation 
- A detailed CV 
- One or two letters of recommendation
- Photocopies of your diplomas
- A stamped, self-addressed envelope to receive our reply during the month of July 
- A second stamped, self-addressed envelope to contain your dossier, in the event of its return should your application be refused 

4. Applicants will be sent an answer immediately following the admissions committee meeting in early July, first by e-mail and then by post around July 20th (following the meeting of the ENS Lyon "general education committee") to the address provided in the dossier.