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Active Matter

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Master 2

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18h Cours

Responsable :

Denis Bartolo


Intervenants :


Denis Bartolo



Active matter encompasses a broad range of systems ranging from animal groups to shaken grains, to motile colloids to cell tissues and bacteria suspensions. We will introduce some generic concepts and tools borrowed from soft condensed matter and statistical physics to account for the large-scale properties of these systems driven out of thermal equilibrium at the level of the elementary units.


The course will both cover well established results and on going developments in the field. The outline will be adjusted accordingly.



Plan du cours

1-Self propelled bodies and persistent random walkers: statistics of active-particle trajectories.

2-Interacting active particles: active forces, torques and fields.

3-Continuum description of active matter: conserved and broken symmetry fields.

4-A selection of more advanced topics will be discussed during the last three/four lectures such as Kinetic theories of active matter, Fluctuation and instabilities of broken-symmetry phases (active nematics and flocks), Motility Induced Phase Separation & active-matter thermodynamics, Active stresses, Active tesselations, 1D systems & traffic models,…)


Langue d'enseignement


English or French  (upon request)