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Période 3b
Période 3b

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Friday, 10 August 2012 13:16

Experimental statistical physics 2011-2012

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Experimental Physics 

Informations pratiques

Discipline :


Niveau :

Master 2

Semestre :


Crédits ECTS :


Volume Horaire :

48h TP

Responsables :

Denis Bartolo

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Intervenants :

All projects are supervised by researchers and professors form ENS de Lyon or UCBL 

The experimental, or numerical projects are supervised by researchers and professors from ENS de Lyon and UCBL. Students who want to take this course have to find a mentor willing to supervise and host a 48h experimental, or numerical, project in their Lab (48h is the minimal time you should be spending in the lab working on your project, eg. 12x4h, or 6x8h). Some examples of projetcs from previous years are: Construction of optical tweezers, characterization of time-reversal mirrors, liquids assembled from self-propelled particles, fracture & friction experiments, ... 


Exam: We expect a ten-page long report summarizing the physcis concept required to understand the experiments, a clear presentation of the experimental/numerical setup, and of the main reults.  The report is due the first day of  the S3B exam period (pdf sent to your supervisor, and DB.)