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A unique, non-specialized training programme in physics and chemistry, allowing students to pursue a thesis in the very best conditions and to access high-level research at the forefront of innovation.


In the tradition of France's Écoles Normales Supérieures, this programme offers non-specialized training in the combined disciplines of physics and chemistry, as well as where these two disciplines overlap with other disciplines, such as biology and computer science.

Physics and chemistry are both experimental sciences. Emphasis is therefore placed on practical coursework and research placements at a laboratory.

This training programme also allows students to acquire top-quality theoretical knowledge and a mastery of the most recent digital tools and methods.

Via training by and for research, Physics & Chemistry students become polyvalent researchers capable of adapting to numerous subjects and innovating in a wide variety of work environments.

A few figures: around 60 students per year in the Licence 3, 50 in the Master 1 and 40 in the Master 2; over 200 teachers involved in the Master's programme; 4 participating institutions (ENS, UCBL, the Université Joseph Fourier and the Université de Savoie); 4 partnerships at the Master's level (EPFL, Mines-Paritech, Ponts et Chaussées and Saint Etienne).

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