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Research Laboratories

The Master's programme relies on local research. All of the programme's teachers are also researchers at regional, national or foreign laboratories. The laboratories of the Rhône-Alpes Region regularly welcome several student research placements each year. Afterwards, a portion of students carry out their theses at these same labs.

The non-specialized character of the Physics & Chemistry Master's programme entails a wide range of themes and a large number of laboratories concerned by the training programme. The thematic orientations of the various M2 course programmes proposed locally reflect the emerging themes developed in Lyon's laboratories. The "Digital Modelling in Physics and Chemistry" course programme, offered as part of the latest research accreditation, is linked to the development of the Blaise Pascal Centre at ENS Lyon.


But this emphasis on research extends beyond just Lyon: the possibility to invite foreign researchers to participate in the Master's training, the possibility to pursue a semester of instruction at another university in France or abroad (at the M1 or M2 level), and the possibility to carry out research placements abroad all contribute to a reliance on research that extends well beyond just the local context.



Below you will find a list of regional laboratories participating in our training programme, as well as a few examples of foreign host institutions.




For physics:


For chemistry:

  • Chemistry Laboratory of ENS-Lyon, UMR ENS/CNRS 5182
  • Surface Organometallic Chemistry Laboratory, UMR 9986, UCB-Lyon
  • Institut de Recherches sur la Catalyse-CNRS, UPR 5401
  • Crystallography and Molecular Engineering (UMR 5615), Multimaterials and Interfaces, UCB-Lyon
  • Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology, ENS-Lyon
  • Laboratory of Electronics – Sensors – Nanotechnology (LENAC), UCB-Lyon
  • LEPMI Lab. of Electrochemistry and Physical Chemistry of Materials and Interfaces, INPG-ENSEEG; CEA / CNRS; UMR 5631
  • Methods and Applications of Organic Synthesis: Asymmetric Synthesis, UMR5622, UCB-Lyon
  • Laboratory of Synthesis Methodologies and Bioactive Molecules, UMR 5181, UCBL
  • Institut des Sciences Analytiques (FR 2112), UCB-Lyon


Examples of foreign host institutions:

  • ICFO, Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain)
  • DESY, Berlin (Germany)
  • IEKP, University of Karlsruhe (Germany)
  • CERN (Switzerland)
  • King's College (United Kingdom)
  • Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
  • University of Delft (Netherlands)
  • Penn State University (United States)
  • University of Santa Barbara (United States)
  • University of New York (United States)