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Nicolas Gillet

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Poste actuel :

CR CNRS - Université Joseph Fourier, Institut des Sciences de la Terre


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Domaine de recherche :

planetary cores dynamics, from both geophysical data and physical models

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Cours enseignés

Géophysique : dynamique du manteau et du noyau (M2)


Engineer of the ENSTA (Paris)

Master in Oceanology and Meteorology (University of Paris VI)

PhD Thesis in the "geodynamo" team, LGIT (Grenoble, France). Magneto-convection in a rapidly rotating sphere: Experimental and numerical approaches of convection in the planetary cores (supervisors: Dominique Jault and Daniel Brito).

Post-doctoral fellowship in the Geomagnetism Group, School of Earth and Environement (University of Leeds, U.K.). Equatorial dynamic of the Earth's core, from recent and historical magnetic data inversion and analysis. Confrontation with numerical dynamos or magnetoconvection outputs.

Post-doctoral fellowship in the Geodynamo Team (LGIT, Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble France): member of the VSQG project on Quasi-Geostrophic Secular Variation (Geomagnetic Data Assimilation).

CNRS position in the Geodynamo team at the LGIT, Universite Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France): geomagnetic inverse problem (core state reconstruction) from satellite, historical and archeomagnetic data.