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Work Environment

The Master's programme benefits from the most modern educational infrastructure and its proximity to internationally renowned research laboratories. All teachers are also researchers at the partner laboratories.

Environnement de travail

The Master's training is carried out on-site at the physics and chemistry departments of the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon. Classrooms vary from small rooms seating a dozen students to amphitheatres seating 40 to 80 and equipped with the most recent video-projector equipment. This variety allows for an especially personalized instruction, ranging from small groups (tutorials) to conferences for the entire student body of a given class year.

Students enjoy access to extensive bibliographic resources via the Denis Diderot Library, home to a vast body of paper publications and digital works. The scientific collections occupy the first floor of the Monod site. All students also enjoy access to a multitude of on-line documents, allowing them to delve further into subjects being studied or effectively prepare a project or research placement. The UCBL documentation portal is also made available to the Master's programme students via their UCBL student number.

Thanks to the proximity of their research laboratories, the teacher-researchers and researchers participating in the Master's programme remain especially accessible and available to students. It is very easy to approach them, to ask questions regarding their courses or to discuss research subjects at their laboratory.

Experimental instruction benefits from extensive resources shared by both the Physics & Chemistry programme and the physics and chemistry agrégations. The materials made available allow students to carry out an infinite variety of experimental projects, initiated by either the teachers or the students themselves. Click here for more information.

In addition to the computer rooms open 24 hours a day, students enjoy access to numerous other digital tools thanks to the Blaise Pascal Centre at ENS Lyon. Students receive training in modern programming languages and digital simulation techniques, commonly used by many researchers. More infomation.

The training programme relies on the laboratories of ENS Lyon and of the Université Claude Bernard. Certain practical coursework in chemistry and certain experimental projects in physics are carried out in these laboratories. Seminars also offer students an excellent overview of Lyon-based research. More informaion.

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