Nonlinear dynamics and statistical theories for geophysical flows

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Master 2

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Volume Horaire :

18h Cours

Responsable :

Antoine Venaille

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Institut Lumière Matière

Intervenants :

Antoine Venaille

Plan du cours


1) Large scale flow patterns in forced-dissipative rotating fluids (Kelvin circulation theorem, role of symmetries and boundaries)

2) Rossby waves and baroclinic instability (linear dynamics and stability analysis)

3) Conservation laws and self-organization in 2D turbulence (statistical mechanics and turbulence)

4) Topological protection of equatorial waves (Consequences of breaking time reversal symmetry)

5) The thermal structure of planetary flows (radiative equilibrium, convection)

6) Predictability (dynamical system approach)



Modalité de l'examen