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The world as a hologram: News from string theory


Mercredi 02 mars 2016 - 15h45 - Amphi Schrödinger.

Jan Plefka (Humboldt-University Berlin, Allmagne)


We are all familiar with holograms: Two dimensional optical structures which - when suitably lit - create the „illusion“ of a three-dimensional object. In fact the light waves emerging from holograms are identical to the ones one would preceive from the three-dimensional object - a distant observer cannot distinguish the two.

Recent research in fundamental physics has revealed that the gravitational force of nature might in fact be a holographic illusion in this sense. It is replacable by a lower dimensional structure, known as gauge field theory. The latter is the theoretical framework to describe the non-gravitational forces in nature.

Our lecture will begin with reviewing the basic concepts of gravitation, quantum mechanics and quantum fields. Then the holographic concept and its relation to superstrings will be presented. Finally, current insights on how to exploit this duality to answer questions in gauge field theory, which had not been accessible so far, will be presented.

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