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MULTIFRACS is the French ANR grant ANR-16-CE33-0020.
January 2017 - June 2020


ENS de Lyon, Laboratoire de Physique, CNRS UMR5672
Patrice Abry (PI)   

Université Paris Est Créteil, LAMA, CNRS UMR8050
Stéphane Jaffard   

Université de Toulouse, INPT-IRIT, CNRS UMR5505
Herwig Wendt   

CEA, NeuroSpin
Philippe Ciuciu   


  • [05/2017] Laurent Chevillard of the Lyon team has proposed a new multifractal model for turbulent flows and an extension of the model to rough signals in [JI4] and [JI5].
  • [05/2017] Interview with Stéphane Jaffard on the MultiFracs project.
  • [05/2017] The journal article [JI2] by the MultiFracs team will appear in the July issue no. 65(13) of the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing. It addresses several important theoretical and practical issues in the p-leader based multifractal analysis of discrete signals.


  • [29-31/05/2017] Lyon Meeting : Multivariate MF, Discrete MF (SJ, HW, PA)
  • [22-23/05/2017] Toulouse Meeting : Multivariate MF (HW, PA)
  • [10-11/05/2017] NeuroSpin Meeting : Experiment design, Functional connectivity analysis (VvW, DLR, PhC, PA)
  • [25-07/04/2017] Paris Meeting : Multivariate MF, Analysis of Texts, Discrete MF (SJ, SS, HW, RL, PA)
  • [05-07/04/2017] Lyon Meeting : Project Website, Analysis of Texts (SJ, HW, RL, PA)
  • [28-30/03/2017] Toulouse Meeting: Regularized c2 in fMRI (PhC, HW, PA)
  • [25-27/01/2017]       Kick-Off

    The ANR project MULTIFRACS has been officially launched 25-27 January 2017 at IRIT laboratory, CNRS UMR 5505, Toulouse.